Who is Spot-on?

Our Mission

Our Goal

Our Mission is to unite oncology-trained spa professionals through education and support, so they can deliver safe and compassionate care to individuals affected by cancer. 

Our goal is to create a network of oncology-trained spa professionals that can provide safe, quality care for individuals affected by cancer.  

Our Purpose

  • Advancement of oncology training and continuing education for spa professionals.

  • Create a network to unite oncology-trained spa professionals.

  • Establish industry standards and guidelines benefiting both client and provider.

  • Create awareness for this emerging field of oncology-trained spa professionals.

  • Work with spa's, hospitals and cancer centers providing education in the field of oncology esthetics.

  • Provide a national database of oncology-trained professionals to connect, and provide care for clients, families affected by cancer. 

Our Board Members


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Becky Kuehn

Becky Kuehn, Founder of Oncology Spa Solutions®, Author of Life Changing Esthetics®, NCEA Certified Licensed Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Hope Coach, Holistic Cancer Educator......

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Vice President

Jeanna Doyle-Ruhl

Jeanna Doyle is a licensed cosmetologist and Medical Aesthetic Provider with training in oncology esthetics and corrective makeup. Her innovative work in makeup has been part of two scientific studies, both at UTSW;....

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Tracy Lacina

Tracy A Lacina – In 1987, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, in the 8 months prior to my diagnosis I lost my grandfather from prostate cancer and an aunt from breast cancer. I think this was the moment in which my purpose in life was clearly defined......

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Bea Erdman

Licensed Cosmetologist, Over 30 years experience in clinical skin care, Owner of  Salvé Aesthetic Solutions, educator, trainer and Reiki practitioner

Medical And Professional Advisory BOARD Members

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Jenna Barry

Jenna Berry is a passionate oncology nurse, proud wife of a fire fighter, and mother of two young kids. She earned her BSN in 2006 from Pacific Lutheran University followed by a Master’s in Nursing with an emphasis in nursing education in 2011 from the University of Washington......

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Jamie Doboz

Jamie Dobosz has been working as the CHI Franciscan Community Cancer Program Manager since 2006. She is a Co-Chair and initial founder of the annual Pierce County
Cancer Survivorship Conference in Tacoma, WA, and a board member of Cancer Survivorship NW.

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Johnnette du rand

She lost both parents to cancer during the mid 90’s and it was here that she first witnessed the value of compassionate touch as comfort care for both patient and family. Her work with Greet The Day is testament to her commitment to pay-forward the kindness shown to
her family at that time.

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Teri Poley

Teri is celebrating her 42 year as a RN and 27 years as a practicing Massage Therapist-Oncology Massage Certified. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Somatic
Studies and a Holistic Health Practitioner certification.